Why Balanced

Designed to bring DeFi to the masses.

"If you're looking for opportunity, look for the people who are being excluded and try to bring them in."

— Herb Kelleher

Only 1% of crypto investors use DeFi.1

Decentralized finance was meant to be accessible to everyone. But it’s 2021, and high fees, slow transactions, and complex interfaces still keep most investors away. For the average person, DeFi is far beyond reach.

Balanced is here to change that.

Designed to make DeFi accessible to more people than ever before, Balanced is fast, cheap, and doesn't require advanced technical skill to use. It's the next generation of DeFi, and will serve as the cornerstone of finance for the ICON ecosystem.

Built on the ICON Network: a foundation that scales.

Balanced uses the ICON Network, a blockchain well suited for the traffic of a DeFi platform. It boasts $0.005 transaction fees (0.002 ICX), 2 second transaction times, and can comfortably handle 1,300 transactions every 2 seconds.2,3 And that’s just the first version.

Compared to Ethereum, ICON is more than 3,200x cheaper, completes transactions 150x faster, and can process 45x the transactions per second.4,5,6 For a fast, affordable, and scalable finance product, ICON was the obvious choice.

Transaction time







Designed to outperform its peers through ease of use.

Design-led businesses perform 228% better than the S&P after 10 years7 – and Balanced is the first design-led DeFi platform. Its simple, focused design provides maximum understanding and optimizes ease of use, which 97% of users cite as the most important software quality.8

People who only bank online are 73% more likely to switch banks for a better online or mobile service.9 By using design to reduce the complexity and friction of DeFi, Balanced can entice a larger audience to adopt it.

  • Design-led
  • Traditional

But don’t listen to us - here’s what the ICON community has to say:

“The user experience on that prototype is at a godlike level by itself.”

“The UI on this $ICX DAO is beautiful. 👏👌”

“Wow. This is sick. Nice interface and easy to use.”

“This looks sexy as hell.”

“Amazing technology being built on ICON. User interface looks amazing.”

“…I haven’t seen one that is so well designed as Balanced…”

Calculated to minimize risk and maximize participation.

The Balanced token economics model has been tested against every DeFi issue and black swan event of 2020 to make sure it’s up to the task.

To encourage participation, Balanced uses staked ICX as collateral, so investors earn ~10-12% a year10 – just for taking the first step. Actions necessary for Balanced to succeed, like borrowing and circulating assets, are incentivized with Balance Tokens.

Influence the
future of finance.

Decentralized finance is like the Internet in the 90’s. Not many people use it – yet. With Balance Tokens, you can shape its future.

Balance Tokens give you the power to vote on how the platform evolves. Add more Balanced assets, direct the DAO fund into new initiatives, adjust the Balance Token allocation, and more. To earn BALN, borrow Balanced Dollars or supply liquidity from launch day.