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Loan: US Dollars

To take out a loan, deposit collateral.


10 bnUSD minimum

Position details

The current ICX price is $2.8512.

The current bnUSD price is $0.9786.

Risk ratio

You’re more vulnerable to price movements if you go beyond this threshold.

You can’t withdraw any collateral if you go beyond this threshold.

If the bar only fills this section, you have a low risk of liquidation.

If the ICX price reaches $0.8618, your collateral will be liquidated.

Low risk


While you borrow bnUSD, your collateral is used to keep its value stable

If bnUSD is below $1

Balanced sells collateral at a premium to repay some of your loan.

If bnUSD is above $1

Balanced increases your loan to buy more collateral at a discount.

You'll receive BALN as a reward, and can mitigate the fluctuations by supplying liquidity to the sICX/bnUSD pool. The smaller your loan, the less rebalancing affects you.

Your average rebalancing price was $2.8512.

Past week

Loan rewards


Asset Balance Value
ICX 15,000 $42,768
  • Send
  • Unstaking


There's no ICX unstaking.

sICX 6,808 $1,634
  • Send
  • Deposit
  • Unstake

Deposit as collateral

Add your sICX to the collateral pool.

0 / 6,808 sICX

~ 0 ICX

Deposit sICX

Unstake sICX

0 / 6,808 sICX

~ 0 ICX

Unstake sICX

bnUSD 6,808 $1,634

Send bnUSD


BALN 6,808 $1,634
  • Stake
  • Send
  • Unstaking

Stake Balance Tokens

Stake your Balance Tokens to earn dividends.

0 / 724

0% staked


Last claimed 14 hours ago

To earn Balanced rewards, take out a loan or supply liquidity on the Trade page.

Balance Tokens 8 BALN
Network fees Pending
Total $24.47

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