Assets backed by ICX

A DAO on the ICON Network that creates tokens pegged to real-world assets.

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Borrow ICON Dollars

Deposit ICX collateral and borrow tokens like ICON Dollars (ICD) for 0% interest.

Earn contribution rewards

Contribute to Balanced and earn Balance Tokens as well as voting rewards.

Sell collateral to traders

Repay your ICD, or let traders pay it back for you in exchange for ICX collateral.

Why Balanced?

ICX is too volatile for payments. No one wants to spend a coin that can increase in value overnight. Or plummet when ICON contributors cash out to cover their costs. Factor in the lengthy unstaking period, and it's clear we need a better payment strategy.

Balanced gives ICX a new purpose: collateral for tokens pegged to real-world assets like the USD. It provides a reliable form of payment for the ICON Network, and reduces the circulating supply of ICX. Contribute, and you'll earn Balance Tokens in addition to voting rewards.

Use ICON Dollars for stable payments

Send payments without fear of volatility. Use Balanced to borrow up to 25% of your ICX value in ICON Dollars, which are always worth 1 USD. Then use ICD for payments and grants, or to power DApps on the ICON Network.

Deposit $400 of ICX as collateral and borrow up to 100 ICD.

Cash out without crashing the price

Use Balanced to pay for resources immediately. Deposit ICX as collateral and borrow ICD, then sell it for the currency you need. Traders repay your ICD in exchange for collateral, so you can sell ICX over time – without wiping out the market.

If you cash out of ICX on an exchange, the price could drop dramatically. If you use Balanced, the price won’t be affected.

Earn contribution rewards

Earn voting rewards for your ICX collateral, and earn Balance Tokens when you borrow ICD. The more you borrow, the more you earn. Stake Balance Tokens to receive income from network fees, and delegate your share of ICX collateral. You can also weigh in on governance decisions, like which token to add next.

Trade without reducing your ICX position

Take trade opportunities without selling ICX or waiting for the unstaking period. Use Balanced to borrow ICD, then open a trade and repay the ICD with your profits. If you take a loss, other traders will pay off your ICD in exchange for ICX collateral.








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