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Learn how to use the Balanced brand in any situation.

Branding kit

The Balanced branding kit has everything you need to represent Balanced accurately in every setting.

Download the Balanced branding kit (.zip, 4.3MB)
Includes the Balanced logos, colours, and typography

Colour palette

The Balanced design system was inspired by the Arctic, so its primary colours are turquoise and navy blue. Use turquoise for interactive elements (i.e. buttons, links), but never as a background colour.

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HEX: #2ca9b7

RGB: 44, 169, 183

CMYK: 73, 13, 183, 0

Navy blue

HEX: #01002a

RGB: 1, 0, 42

CMYK: 89, 84, 50, 71


Balanced’s primary typeface is TeX Gyre Adventor. It should be used across all print, digital, and video media.

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Enjoy the Balanced brand in any setting with a collection of wallpapers for your device. A new design will be added each month.

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