Vibe NFT


Vibe is the first Balanced wallpaper ever created. Designed to explore and define the brand, the early contributors have sported it through every Balanced win since the lead-up to launch in April 2021.

Zero in on the good vibes with this simple, hypnotic animation.

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Profile picture

A static version of the Vibe design, optimised for social media profiles.


The Vibe wallpaper is publicly available, but this version uses the Balanced symbol instead of the full logo.

Original animation

Encoded in H.264 for maximum compatibility. This is the file used for the NFT listing on Craft.

High-quality animation

Encoded in HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), also known as H.265.

While not as widely supported as H.264, H.265 offers 25%–50% better data compression without compromising video quality, so it has less distortion and a smaller file size.

Full name animation

A variation that uses the full logo instead of the Balanced symbol. Encoded in H.264 for maximum compatibility.