Balanced reviews

Appreciation from the Balanced community.

I’ve used almost everything on Ethereum, Solana, and Terra, and nothing beats @BalancedDAO in terms of UX. My mind is blown every time I log in. Hard to believe that it runs on blockchain.

Some of that is due to fast block time, but most of it is good Ul design.


Just started using BALN as my go-to DeFi platform and I must say I am thoroughly impressed! It’s a game-changer for DeFi enthusiasts like myself. Highly recommend giving it a try!


@BalancedDAO just made the new wave of #DeFi. Shit isn’t even close.

I would try to do defi on other platforms like uni and honestly shit was intimidating. I said fuck it and left it alone.

Balanced UI/UX had me figuring this shit out and now i provide liquidity. #ILovelt 🙏🔥💯


Balanced’s simplicity, ease of use, stunning interface, and high yield have made it my one and only DeFi platform.

I was initially hesitant to use other DeFi services because they seemed complicated and I didn’t feel competent to use them effectively. After finding Balanced, I’ve been able to take out loans, supply liquidity, and earn staking rewards at the same time, easily and confidently. I’ll never use anything else.

Ettienne Nel

The user interface is so damn sexy on @BalancedDAO Everything is so easy and clean. Much more clean and user friendly than my bank account!!! THE FUTURE IS HERE


Balanced has been the best move I have made so far in my 5 years of being in crypto .. I have upped my coins by a quarter of my total stack in nearly a month... the rebalancing tool protected me from liquidation and also paid down my loan at the same time.. truly amazing .. the 0 percent interest on the loan is unheard of.. the APY is insane ... all in all probably will melt faces very soon ...

DeFi Dave

I feel like I've been taking Balanced for granted. Can't go back to life before Balanced. Everything felt really slow when it had to stop for awhile . . . It's such a pivotal app for ICON.


The Balanced launch was a huge success for $ICX. Balanced has the best Ul/UX of any DeFi platform.


@BalancedDAO Has cured my UniSwap PTSD. Such a pleasure to use.


By the people for the people. Best UI, tailored for your average user. Even your grandparents will be able to navigate this defi.

* IN * PE * RA * TO * RE * BT *

@BalancedDAO is, by far, the most elegant implementation of a decentralized bank/yield farming/swapping solution to hit crypto... by far. The returns are insane and look to be for the next couple of quarters.

This is the gem of @helloiconworld


Great UI, great functionality. A hidden gem with inexpensive TX fees based on ICX and better than average APYs. Very beginner friendly with extra added layers of complexity for the aficionado.

Enough already, just try it out. You’ll love it!


I was hesitant to use Balanced at first as I’d never used a defi product before. 4 days after launch, I plunged in and it could not have been a more smooth experience. I’ve been using it ever since.

Incredible UI, been collecting BALN daily and staking for network fees. Couldn’t recommend Balanced more, plus the community support is unbelievable. A+

Kyle Raburn

The only DeFi project that I love logging in every day is Balanced, amazing product and Ul interface, keep up the good work team and keep building.


Two main ingredients if you want something to go mainstream: great design and speed

@BalancedDAO and $ICX will get the grannies of the world banking with them 😂


Balanced is hands down the most user friendly De-Fi experience, and I've used many!

Nate Olson

The team have pulled off something special here. Balanced by far is the easiest to use defi platform I've seen.

Eren Sarigul

The UI is so amazingly crafted yet very simple to understand. They get it and more will go to @BalancedDAO for Defi. Bank on it. 🤑


I could stay on this app all day it's so easy and great to play around with.


This has got to be the easiest, user friendly application I've ever had in cryptocurrency. Seriously.

It's like watching the internet evolve.


For those new to crypto looking to get into the #defi space, @BalancedDAO is probably the best place to start as its by far the easiest defi platform to use and the ridiculously low fees make it accessible to all.


No one builds/ships like the Balanced team. It's really a great project that i'm fortunate to have found. They just keep shipping product 💪


Just a random shout out to the Balanced UI designers. Always takes me less time do to stuff than 1 think. So easy to use. Much obliged, sirs


Our team has used almost every #DEFI platform on Ethereum, but nothing beats @BalancedDAO in terms of UX.


Something about the way @BalancedDAO is built makes you want to check in at least once a day, hence the high participation rate.

A really engaging platform 👏👏


I'm not gonna lie, even $UNI feels clunky compared to @BalancedDAO


@BalancedDAO are making a mockery of all other Defi. They are leading and changing the game.


Holy moly that was a seamless and easy experience!!! Loved the ease of connecting to the Iconex wallet. Very fast and easy to understand UX/UI. Well down to all the team behind $BALN.


@BalancedDAO has the best UX/UI Design-led dAPPs are the way to go.


One of the most intuitive and userfriendly DeFi dApp, by far.

If you're a begginner and want to learn about DeFi, it's a no brainer. Also suited for experienced users thanks to the stats and the DAO voting that gathers high activity.


Every time I use @uniswap or @PancakeSwap I am reminded how much nicer @BalancedDAO is.


Pretty sure @BalancedDAO has the best looking blog in DeFi.


Best UX in the market, easy to use, easy to understand . . . @BalancedDAO was created from scratch to create one of best user experience in DeFi market.


Woke up today to @BalancedDAO!!

Just provided a little liquidity and will slowly start branching out over the coming days. Blown away by the awesome Ul and how user-friendly it is!


I've never tried DeFi before using Balanced this week. Until you use it yourself, it's hard to grasp just how huge this is.

Literally has the chance to be life-altering for us long-term $icx users. Thank you and all the Balanced team for the hard work you put into this.


OK i NEVER tried DeFi Before, @BalancedDAO is absolutely INSANE.

Try it. Adopt it. Love it.


Loved it from the first day. UI is unmatched, it was my first time using a DeFi platform and everything was just so easy to do. Would recommend to everyone.


Communication around launch has been as good as the UX/UI 🏆


@BalancedDAO is doing everything right! The platform is easy to use, rewards are INCREDIBLE, and when glitches arise, it keeps the community informed. Keep up the good work.


This app is so simple to use, I can see this blowing up, great job


alright just got my hands on @BalancedDAO and it's pretty damn sweet. simple & smooth UI, very easy to use. this thing is legit 💯 $baln $icx game changer


Fast transactions, slick UI, easy to use. One of the best DeFi platforms on any blockchain project.


Balanced is exactly the kind of user experience I expected for a Defi standard. Borrow, buy, and sell directly with your ledger. Join liquidity pools and get paid to borrow.

Really great user experience and very generous yields!


Just started using $BALN as my go-to DeFi platform and I must say I am thoroughly impressed! It's a game-changer for DeFi enthusiasts like myself.

Highly recommend giving it a try!


I have used quite a lot of DeFI products out there and I have to say that BalancedDAO is one of my favourites that I have used so far.

It's much more focused on ease of use than any of the others that I have used and it's fast and cheap too.


No stranger to defi platforms in the crypto space and I can easily say the interface is so much more user friendly with

Having the ability to see where your collateral reaches “checkpoints” if you get close to a certain % is very useful. The rewards are amazing and still in the hundreds in various liquidity pools. The ease of using sliders and swapping different assets is super easy.

Balanced is in my opinion a game changing UX design that I feel is what defi should look like.

Nick Neessen

Super clean UI, simple and easy to use. Borrow funds to increase ICX staking rewards and earn free BALN at the same time.

One of the best DeFi platforms ive ever used. Great work from the Balanced Team!


I am completely new to the DeFi world. was my first experience with DeFi. Because of minimalistic design and amazing UX/UI, a novice like me was also able to understand the power of Defi. In my opinion, that is true success to any platform.

It is not about making a great platform that would satisfy an expert, an expert will find a way to make himself rich one way or the other, but it is all about bringing the common man into the platform and have him understand and enjoy it. Is that not the very purpose of 'Decentralized' Finance in the first place?

In that sense, Balanced is a trend setter for several people and platforms to follow. Proud to be an early adapter of Balanced DeFi network.

Harikrishnan Umapathy

Balanced is one of the easiest defi platforms i have used. The UI is simple and beautiful. It withstood the huge volatility recently with no problems. Liking balanced more everyday!! 👌


Amazing UX and perfect intro to defi!


The nicest Defi UI I have had the pleasure to use

serial retweeter

Balanced defi is one of its kind, simple and superb. Easy to follow for most newbies. Only defi product I am in!


Balanced is the first DeFi platform I've used that clearly makes UI/UX a priority. Also, it is affordable to use unlike many ETH platforms.

Brian Li

Tried a couple defi platforms and Balanced has been by far the easiest to use. Even my dad can use it.


Easy to use UI, defi loans and swaps through the same platform, straightforward loan-monitoring, cheap fees, fast transactions.

Somebody else was joking, but for real this would be the first Defi dapp I would try to teach my Dad because it is that slick.

Benjamin Bohning

My favourite Defi experience so far has been on

Highly recommend

Mark Osborne

As a first time defi user, balanced network is exceptionally simple and easy to learn and use.

Paul k

I’m loving Balanced. It’s the only place I know where you can get paid to borrow money. Unlike other defi protocols it is very straight forward and very easy to use. Go Balanced!!!!


First time defi user here, Balanced Network is easy to use and taught me the basics of defi through its clean UI. Awesome team, and is always engaged with the community! Highly recommended


My favorite Defi app. Smooth and clear user interface. Just a great and complete product!

Mathijs Hulster

Balanced gives me best experience about Defi platforms. Give it a try and you will change your mind about Defi platform.


I love Defi, i love Balanced even more. Best user friendly Defi platform in the crypto space!!


I have been using many similar projects on different blockchains and Balanced is by far the one with the best user interface.


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